Music and Emotion Concert

Monday 10th October, 2016

7pm, Barts Pathology Museum, 3rd Floor, Robin Crook Centre, St Bartholomew's Hospital, West Smithfield, EC1A 7BE

What does music intend to mean and provoke?  What does it mean to you?   How differently do we react and respond to music based on circumstance and what you know about it?  How does it affect your emotions?

This event draws you, the listener, proactively into some highly evocative music from a variety of perspectives.  Some you will know about, some you will learn about, and some you will discover from different perspectives.  We want to know what ‘emotions’ are provoked within you.  We can only now tell you that one of the works will be by Claude Debussy.  Be prepared for magical musical surprises!

To guide us all in our journey, outstanding musicians Lisa Nelsen (flute), David le Page (violin/viola) and Eleanor Turner (harp) are joined by historian of emotions and music Dr Marie Louise Herzfeld Schild.