The Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought hosts a range of visiting scholars: Junior Visiting Fellows, Senior Visiting Fellows, Distinguished Visiting Fellows and Honorary Fellows. We also host externally funded fellowships, for example Marie Curie Intra-European Fellows and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellows.  All visitors must be engaged in academic research in the fields of the history of political thought, the history of philosophy or intellectual history. Junior visitors must be either research students or post-doctoral researches and senior visitors will ordinarily be members of an academic department. Visits are usually for one semester, though shorter and longer visits can be arranged. Visitors are expected to participate in the activities of the Centre, and will be assigned to a principal host from among the Directors and Executive Committee of the Centre, depending on their field of research. Shared office space can be offered in exceptional circumstances on application.

Past and present fellows

Details of past and present fellows at the Centre can be found here.

Application procedures

All enquiries and applications should be sent to the Centre’s administrator.

Applications should comprise:

  • An academic curriculum vitae (up to a maximum of five sides of A4/quarto).
  • A covering letter incorporating the dates proposed for the visit, a brief statement (a maximum of one side of A4/quarto) of academic plans while resident in London and confirmation of whether shared office space is required within the Faculty.
  • An academic reference from a supervisor in the case of junior visitors.

Applications for the title of Visiting Fellow will require the approval of the Centre Directors and Executive Committee and are judged strictly on academic merit. It is essential that authorisation for a visit is sought well in advance.

Facilities provided for Visiting Fellows

  • Visiting Fellows will be invited to attend the activities of the Centre, including the History of Political Ideas seminar at the Institute of Historical Research.
  • Visiting Fellows will be invited to attend various public events organised by the Centre, such as the annual Nicolai Rubinstein Lecture in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History.
  • Visiting Fellows will be offered the opportunity to discuss their work with Centre members in their field of research.
  • Externally Funded Fellows will be provided with office space and given acess to the usual range of academic facilities.
  • Senior and Honorary Visiting Fellows staying for one semester or more may on application be offered an office share with a member of the Centre.
  • Visiting Fellows are expected to meet the direct costs of photocopying, printing and other consumables/costs associated with their work.


Visiting Fellows will ordinarily be associated with the Centre for a period of one semester. The charge for Visiting Junior Fellows is £500 per semester, and the charge for Visiting Fellows is £1000 per semester. Shorter and longer visits are calculated on a proportional basis. Externally Funded Fellows will be paid for through their grants, Honorary Fellows and Distinguished Visiting Fellows visit free of charge.