The Centre for the Study ofthe History of Political Thought


The Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary, University of London was established in 2007. The Centre aims to consider how new scholarship and interdisciplinary approaches have shaped our understanding and assessment of the history of political thought and the broader field of intellectual history. Over the last thirty years or so, new approaches to the history of political thought have significantly changed our understanding of how ideas from the past might be studied and how we might assess their relevance to our contemporary political concerns. The primary focus of the Centre is to explore these new developments and to bring together a wide audience to discuss these issues.



Within Queen Mary, the Centre provides a loose institutional framework within which colleagues who share research interests are able to collaborate in a variety of research-related activities. It also provides a focus for the encouragement and support of the history of political thought within the University of London and beyond.

Its activities range from the organisation of a visiting speakers’ programme to the holding of international conferences and smaller reading group sessions. It also seeks to foster collaborative research at an institutional and international level.


Visiting scholars

The Centre welcomes applications from visiting scholars. Scholars ordinarily visit for a period of three months, and are encouraged to participate in the activities promoted by the Centre.