July 2012 

The first meeting of the Popular Sovereignty Project was held at Queen Mary University of London Campus 6 July 2012 with all members of the network in attendance. The following papers were presented:

  • Melissa Lane: ‘Rethinking Offices: Athenians, Plato, and Aristotle on Popular magistracies and Political Knowledge’
  • Eric Nelson: ‘”The King is the Only Sovereign of the Empire”: Prerogative, Representation, and the American Founding’
  • Tim Stanton: ‘State Authority, Popular Sovereignty, and the Rule of Law: Weber, Schmitt, Kelsen, and the lessons of Weimar Germany’
    Please see Proceedings and papers for more details

March 2013

The second meeting of the Popular Sovereignty Project was held at Queen Mary, University of London campus on 23 March. The following papers were presented:

  • Kinch Hoekstra: “Athenian Democracy and Popular Tyranny”
  • Serena Ferente: “Popolo and contract. Late medieval sovereignty in Marsilius and the jurists”
  • Alan Cromartie: “The interest of the people”: representation and political knowledge in 17C England”
  • Duncan Kelly: “In the Shadows of 1848: Making Popular Sovereignty History”

July 2013

The third meeting of the Popular Sovereignty Project was held on 12 July. The following papers were presented:

  • Valentina Arena, “‘Res publica res populi” in late Republican thought’.
  • Richard Tuck: ‘Democratic Sovereignty and Democratic Government’
  • Richard Bourke, ‘Popular Sovereignty and Political Representation’
  • Karuna Mantena: ‘State and Sovereignty in the Era of Decolonization’