The Centre for the Study ofthe History of Political Thought

2018 Annual Symposium in the Humanities and Social Sciences on Quentin Skinner’s From Humanism to Hobbes

Please join us for the 2018 Queen Mary Annual Symposium in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This year will be dedicated to Professor Quentin Skinner’s book From Humanism to Hobbes: Studies in Rhetoric and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2018). Registration is essential.

Full schedule as follows:

1.30-2.00: Arrival and registration

First session:
2.00-2.30: Professor David Colclough, Queen Mary University of London
‘Slippery turns’: rhetoric and politics in Shakespeare
2.30-3.00: Professor Susanna Berger, University of Southern California
To see beyond the lines: On the iconography of the Leviathan
3.00-3.45: Discussion
3.45-4.15: Break

Second session:
4.15-4.45: Professor Mónica Brito-Vieira, University of York
Hobbes on representation Revisited
4.45-5.15: Dr Sophie Smith, University of Oxford
Hobbes’s spooky state
5.15-6.00: Discussion
6.00-6.30: A summing-up from Quentin Skinner
6.30-7.30: Reception