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The Centre for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies (CEREES) brings people together to learn about Eurasia—inclusive of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, East and Central Europe, the Baltics, Central Asia, and the Caucasus—and the region’s global connections.

Beyond an ‘area studies’ centre, CEREES situates the study of Eurasia within a cross-section of broader cross-disciplinary and cross-specialist concerns, ranging from globalism, transnationalism, and colonial and post-colonial migration, to memory politics, Cold War geopolitics, nationalism and multinationalism. We maintain that Eurasia is best understood when studied in dialogue with global developments, and that the region’s ‘particular’ experiences–be that relating to imperialism, revolution, or ideology–offer a rich vantage point from which to understand broader developments.

CEREES draws on expertise from across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at Queen Mary University of London, we partner with a range of national and international institutions, we foster innovative research and collaborations, and we host both scholarly and publics events designed to improve UK and international understanding of a complex region that remains at the heart of significant global developments.

CEREES supports a cross-disciplinary programme of networks, reading groups, training, collaboration, and coproduction. We remain committed to fostering opportunities for innovative scholarship and enhanced learning. Scholars and postgraduate students from inside and outside Queen Mary are welcome to seek support from and contribute to our programme.

Founded in 2023, CEREES builds on a long and rich tradition of Eurasian and East European expertise across the disciplines of History, Languages and Linguistics, Literature, Film, Drama, Politics, International Relations, Geography, Law, and Business Management at Queen Mary University of London.

Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in February 2022, CEREES seeks to play a formative role in reshaping approaches to the region. In particular, we seek to expand on established understandings of the politics, people, and culture of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union, focusing on Eurasian epistemologies (the various forms of local, imperial, and global knowledges), as well as the transnational connections and exchanges that help shape this region and the wider world. 


Our Research Themes (2023-24)

  • Ukraine and our “mental map” of Europe

  • Decolonising Soviet studies

  • Soviet and Post-Soviet Temporalities

  • East London and the émigrés of Eurasia

  • Transnational entanglements

  • Humanitarianism

  • Eurasian epistemologies (cultural, social, political, scientific and medical knowledges)

Our Research Activities (2023-24)

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