World War Two: From Hollywood to the Newham Archives

Emily Stockton

Hollywood has always presented World War Two as a story of British heroism. Yet in local archives a very different perspective of the British Homefront is being uncovered. At Newham Archives and Local Studies Library its Air Raid Precaution documents show the grim sacrifices and long hours of planning of one community. It is a far cry from Hollywood’s ideas.  This post is one in a series from students who took the History Internship module in 2018/19, and was first submitted as part of the assessment for that module.

Report: QMUL-Northwestern Exchange 2019

Guest Authors

Postgraduate researchers at QMUL have the opportunity to participate in a number of international exchanges.  In this short post, PhD students Conor Bollins, Emily Steinhauer, Bert Carlstrom and Stephen Bentel report on the exchange with Northwestern University which they took part in during April 2019.

#twitterstorians Calling: Running a Student Conference on Twitter – Part One

Dan Todman

Can you run a student conference on Twitter?  In March this year, Dan Todman and students on his final undergraduate year history Special Subject set about finding out. In part one of a three-part series of posts Dan explains the origins of the conference and how he hoped it would enhance teaching on the module.

#twitterstorians Calling: Running a Student Conference on Twitter – Part Two

Dan Todman

In part two of our three-part series on a student-led Twitter conference, we follow Dan Todman and his students as they set things up.  (Need to catch up?  Part one is here.)

#twitterstorians Calling: Running a Student Conference on Twitter – Part Three

Dan Todman

In this final post in our three-part series, we join Dan Todman’s students as they are about to run their first undergraduate Twitter conference.  To catch up, read about the pedagogy behind the conference in part one, or the preparations in part two.

From Baartman to ‘Belfie Queens’: The Evolution of the Big Booty

Harriet Clark

For the fifth instalment of our 'Body' series, recent School of History graduate Harriet Clark argues that the story of Sara Baartman, 'The Hottentot Venus', should not be forgotten.

The (In)complete Marbles? Displaying the Disabled Body

Elizabeth Waddell

In the fourth instalment of our 'Body' series, Elizabeth Waddell considers what Marc Quinn's statue, Alison Lapper Pregnant, tells us about contemporary attitudes towards the disabled body.