Research Register

Using our Research Register, you can find out about researchers at QMUL with digital interests. Click a name for more information.

Name School or Institute Keywords
Nadia ValmanEnglish and Dramamobile ap, walking tour, Spitalfields, immigration, Israel Zangwill, nineteenth-century novel
Maks Del MarLawreasoning, digital platforms, law
David MillsInstitute of Dentistryparchment, imaging, apocalypto, xrays, science
Graham DavisInstitute of Dentistrymicrotomography, micro-CT, X-ray
Claudia EstcourtBICMSeSexual Health, online clinical management, research, STIs
Matthew PurverEECSsocial media, language, sentiment, emotion, dialogue
Amit RaiSchool of Business and Managementmobile phones, embodiment, perception, India, Deleuze
Georg von GraevenitzSchool of Business and ManagementPatents, Patent Thickets, Brand Value, Google Trends, Intangible Assets
Yasmin IbrahimSchool of Business and Managementvisuality, ethics, privacy, urban cities, digital economy, social media
Gerard BriscoeArts Research CentreDigital Cultures, Cloud Computing, Natural Computing, Digital Ecosystems
Pollie BardenEECSHCI, participatory design
Matthew PurverEECSlinguistics, computational linguistics, text mining, language processing, sentiment detection
Chris JackEECSMindfulness, Interaction Design, Psychology, Mental Health
Andrea BradySchool of English and Dramadigital, poetry, archive, audio, metadata, prosody
Ruth AhnertSchool of English and DramaNetworks, Letters, Renaissance