Mapping the Humanities: innovations in presenting historic content spatially and digitally

Date: Monday 6th October, 2014

Time: 5.30 – 7pm

Place: Senior Common Room, ArtsTwo Building, QMUL (how to find us)

In our first Digital Humanities seminar of the 2013/14 academic year, Martha Fogg will present the collaborative work of Adam Matthew Digital and Axis Maps, both award-winning publishers of interactive digital resources in the humanities. The presentation will demonstrate the added value technology can bring to humanities research, by discussing ground-breaking interactive maps published as part of Adam Matthew’s primary source collections. The speakers will explore the way in which interactive maps can be used to facilitate the interpretation of primary sources in new and exciting ways that are only possible within the sphere of digital humanities. The talk will demonstrate how mapping has been used in different ways to support different types of primary sources, from Blitz diaries (Mass Observation Online) to Victorian cartography (London Low Life) and logbooks of sea voyages (China, America and the Pacific).

About the speakers

Martha Fogg is Publishing Director of Adam Matthew, a publisher of digital resources supporting research and teaching in the humanities. Adam Matthew’s primary source collections cover a multitude of topics from Medieval social history to 20th century consumer culture, and feature a broad range of sources including manuscripts, rare books, artworks, objects and film. Martha joined Adam Matthew in 2005 and has degrees from UCL and Royal Holloway, University of London.

David Heyman is Managing Director and founder of Axis Maps. Originally formed out of the graduate program in Cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006, Axis Maps designs and builds award-winning custom maps and visualization tools for a diverse range of clients including Emirates Airlines, The New York Times, Harvard University, and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

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