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The Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies aims to consider how new scholarship and interdisciplinary methods and approaches have refigured our understanding of several developments traditionally associated with the term and period Renaissance.


Over the last twenty years or so, scholarship has revolutionised our understanding of the Renaissance, not only in details, but in approaches and methods. Even so, some scholars remain less than well informed about developments in other disciplines while a wider community of curators and librarians and the interested public is often uninformed of the latest scholarship. The Centre aims to redress the balance with a wide range of activities such as public lectures, seminars, and collaborations with other institutions.

Events and Seminars
Queen Mary hosts a range of events and seminars in the field of Early Modern and Renaissance Studies. You can find more information about upcoming and previous events here.

QM / Freiburg exchange
Queen Mary has established a successful research exchange with the University of Freiburg collaborating in two key areas: the long Renaissance and the cultural history of literary communication. For more about the QM / Freiburg exchange follow this link.

Centre Directors

Dr Linda Briggs (School of History)

Professor Joad Raymond (School of English and Drama)

Dr Rosa Vidal Doval (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)



Images on the Renaissance and Early Modern Studies website taken by Alastair Dunning.