Guide for Authors

Submissions for The Historian are welcome from all staff, students, and friends of the School of History at QMUL.

Types of Post

All posts should reflect the life of the School of History at QMUL.  In particular, we welcome posts that fall within the following broad categories:


The Historian is an Open-Access resource.  All material published on this site is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noderivs licence.  This means that others are free to re-publish anything here on their site or elsewhere, whether that site is for-profit or commercial.  If you are interested in republishing our material, please follow our re-publishing and attribution guide.

Authors are exempt from this license as it applies to their own material.  Authors are free to re-use in whole or in part content published under their name in any format or publication, without any restriction.  A citation or attribution link is always welcome, but not required.

What to submit

Your submission should be about 700-1000 words long.  In addition to the text itself, your submission should include:

Style Guide

Above all, you should write in your own voice.  When writing about events or activities that the author has taken part in the first person singular is preferred; the third person singular may be more appropriate for co-authored posts of this type.  Our aim is to represent the rich and diverse range of and work going on within the School of History at QMUL through a diversity of voices, so we have sought to avoid prescriptive guidelines.  This said, we have provided some pointers below.

Your Text

Imagery and other media


As a general rule, we prefer submissions to contain as little formatting as possible.  Complex formatting on the web is difficult to preserve consistently.  Beyond the formatting detailed below, avoid further styling.

Making your Submission

All submissions should be sent to: Chris Sparks